128 Most Expressive Yin Yang Tattoo Designs Of All Time

Yin Yang tattoo is a kind of body art that has great significance to the Chinese people, especially to those Chinese tattoo lovers. It is simply because Yin Yang is a very meaningful symbol to the Chinese culture in the past years and even up to these days. Sometimes, the tattoo is also being incorporated to the other important Chinese symbols like the dragon and the phoenix. Just in case you do not know what is Yin Yang, it actually has a circular shape and it is divided into two parts. Both of these parts have equal sizes. The two portions have different colors, which are white and black. Yin is the name of the black side, while Yang is the name of the white side. It has another name, which is Taijitu. They key here is that Yin Yang is representing two opposing things in life.

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Symbolism And Meanings that Yin Yang Tattoo Represents

For you to know, the Yin Yang tattoo is not just about aesthetic value since it is also a very meaningful body art. Yes, you read it right. Most of those people in the world who are wearing this particular tattoo have an important purpose of wearing this tattoo, and it can all be implied in the meanings and symbolisms of the entire design of this particular body adornment. In this regard, here are some of the things that this tattoo represents that you should know:

  • Dark and Light – Two opposing things that Yin Yang tattoos are symbolizing are the dark and the light. It is just the same with the bad and the good or the evilness and the goodness. Yin is the one that represents dark while the Yang is the one that is symbolizing the light.
  • Winter and Summer – Yin Yang is also known to symbolize two opposing weather conditions, which are the winter and the summer. Yin is the one symbolizing winter, while Yang is for summer season.
  • Water and Fire – According to the Chinese people, Yin Yang has something to do with the most important things on earth. Thus, it is no longer surprising why Yin Yang tattoos are symbolizing water and fire. Yin is for water and Yang is for fire.
  • North and South – Yin Yang is also being greatly associated to direction, especially the north and south. The north is being represented by Yin, while the south is being represented by Yang.
  • Tiger and Dragon – If you are thinking that Yin Yang has nothing to do with the animals, then you are absolutely wrong. As what being said, the important things on earth have big connection to Yin Yang. The tiger is being represented by Yin, and the dragon is being symbolized by Yang.
  • Earth and Sky – Two other things that are being symbolized by the Yin Yang tattoos are the earth and the sky. The earth is represented by Yin, while the sky is symbolized by Yang.
  • Valleys and Mountains – Even the landscapes on earth are also being symbolized by Yin Yang. Yin is the one that represents the valleys, while Yang is the one that symbolizes the beautiful mountains in the world.

Some other things that a Yin Yang tattoo is symbolizing are matter and spirit, female and male, passive and active, down and up, shade and sunlight, receptive and creative, even numbers and odd numbers, moon and sun, cold and heat, and death and life.

Gorgeous Designs for Yin Yang Tattoo

Of course, one thing that you will love about the Yin Yang tattoos is the fact that they are available in a number of gorgeous designs. Yes, all of these designs are extremely gorgeous that you might want to have them all. You can never have them all of course, which is why you need to think about the design that will perfectly fit your physical appearance and unique personality. In this way, you can be sure that everything will go well. In relation to this, here are some of the gorgeous designs for Ying Yang tattoos that you might take into account:


  • Yin Yang Lotus Tattoo Design – As its name suggests, the Yin Yang lotus tattoo design will involve the image of the Yin Yang and the lotus flower. In this particular design, the Yin Yang symbol is enclosed to a lotus petal. This design simply means power and balance in life. Furthermore, Chinese people have this belief that the lotus flower is representing perfection and ultimate purity.
  • Classic Yin Yang Design – The classic Yin Yang design actually just involving a very simple Yin Yang image. Meaning to say, there will be no other sub designs that are added into the main Yin Yang design. You might say that there is no way it will look beautiful since it only has very simple design. However, the classic Yin Yang design is definitely gorgeous to see and very elegant.
  • Yin Yang Heart Design – Another worth considering gorgeous Yin Yang design that you can take into account is the Yin Yang heart design. As its name suggests, this design will involve the image of Yin Yang and a heart. This is the common choice of many tattoo lovers in the world who are in loved and want to show their unconditional love to the other people. This design simply means balance in the hearts of many people.
  • Yin Yang Eye Design – If you want to be out of the ordinary, which is the classic Yin Yang design, then you can definitely go for the Yin Yang eye design. This is a very artistic design that will involve an image of an eye and the Yin Yang symbol itself.

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Yin Yang tattoo will surely make you more gorgeous in appearance. Apart from that, it will also tell the crowd that you have a very interesting personality, making the other people curious of knowing the real you. There are several gorgeous designs that you can choose in this kind of tattoo. This goes to show that this body adornment is something that you should think about, especially if it is all about tattooing.


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