150 Insanely Beautiful Tree Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tree tattoo is one of those amazing heights that happened in the world of tattooing. Trees may be very common in living things that can be seen in this world, but when talking about tree tattoos, it is already a different side of the story. Tree tattoos are considered to be very unique body adornments that can be placed on your own body if you want to. The tattoos can be extremely gorgeous to your body, and there is no question about that. Apart from that, these tattoos are also extremely meaningful. In other words, tree tattoos are worth considering pieces of arts that perfectly fit on your body.

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Symbolism And Meanings of Tree Tattoo Design

Different cultures have different perspectives about tree tattoos;

  • Tree Tattoos A Symbol of humanity – The Christian religion reveres tree as the healer and takes it as a symbol of humanity, which is pure and free of sin.
  • Tree Tattoos And Chinese mythology– The tree of life is considered as house of the dragon and the phoenix, which depicts the soul and its resurrection, respectively.
  • Tree Tattoos And Buddhist Religion – Bodhi tree was the place where Buddha attained enlightenment.
  • Tree Tattoos A Symbol of Life and Death – Trees occupy significant place in Egyptian culture, where they are regarded as a symbol of life and death.
  • Tree Tattoos And Celtic culture – The Celtic culture has always consider tree as the giver of food, warmth and shelter, which associates the tree tattoo with life.

Celebrities with Extremely Gorgeous Tree Tattoo

Do you know that tree tattoos are not only very appealing in the eyes of numerous common people in the entire world? Yes, you read it right. It is simply because there are also very popular personalities who are getting captivated by these tattoos. Some of them have already engraved the tattoos on their body, making them more gorgeous and intriguing in the eyes of many. In relation to this, here are some of the names of these famous personalities that you should know:

  • Teri Polo – Teri Polo is a 47-year-old American actress who became very famous through her interesting role in the most watched television trilogy titled Meet the Parents. Despite her current older age, she still looks very gorgeous especially when you see her huge tree tattoo located on her back.
  • Jess Abbott – Jess Abbott is a famous member of the world renowned music group known as Now, Now. Jess has a very cute and colorful tree tattoo located on her left forearm that has leaves that are colored with rainbow colors, and a single bird that is staying in one of the tree branches.
  • Amira McCarthy – Amira McCarthy is a 20-year-old music artist living in the city of London in the United Kingdom. She is one of the members of the popular music group called Neon Jungle since the year 2013. On her left forearm, you can be able to see a palm tree tattoo that is symbolizing Los Angeles, California.
  • Skylar Grey – Skylar Grey is a 30-year-old American songwriter and singer who was baptized by the real name of Holly Brook Hafermann. She has a very intriguing kind of tree tattoo on her back, which has a very huge size. The design of the entire tattoo involves a cabin in the woods in a stormy weather condition.

Some Beautiful Designs for Tree Tattoo

When it comes to design, a tree tattoo can never be run out of it. There are so much designs that you can choose from this particular beautiful body tattoo. Because of the seas of choices that you can have, there is no way you cannot choose the one that definitely fits the entire you. In relation to this, here are some of the worth considering and beautiful designs that you can take into account when talking about tree tattoos:


  • Oak Tree Design – The oak tree design is an extremely popular design for tree tattoos that is chosen by a lot of men and women tattoo lovers in the world. This is the common choice of many in the past years and even up to these days. The said tree is considered to be a sacred thing for a number of ancient religions, which is the main reason why this design is representing reverence. Some other things that it represents are glory, victory, strength, bravery, spirituality, patience, and wisdom.
  • Palm Tree Design – The palm tree design is majorly chosen by many because of its huge aesthetic value. In other words, it looks very good on the body of the wearer. The delicate appeal of the palm tree certainly makes it well preferred by those who have delicate heart and personality like those women tattoo lovers in the world. And because of the elongated structure of the palm tree, it makes it perfect to be engraved on longer body areas such as arms and legs.
  • Cherry Blossom Tree Design – Another worth considering design when it comes to tree tattoo is the cherry blossom tree design. It is a very famous tattoo design in a number of Asian cultures in the world, especially in the Japanese culture. This design is also known as the sakura tree design. The whole design of a cherry blossom tattoo is symbolizing the great beauty of the life cycle. With the enchanting pink flowers of the cherry blossom tree, there is no way it will not look gorgeous on the body of the wearers. It is very eye-catching in nature, especially that it is commonly being associated with intricate tattoo details.
  • Leaf Design – Tree tattoos actually do not need to be involved with some images of whole trees. Even just a single part of the trees is enough to be called as a tree tattoo. Yes, you read it right, and one good example is the leaf design. You can go for a single leaf or a group of tree leaves. It is all up on your personal preference since you will be the wearer of the tattoo. This design is also a very meaningful one. It will simply mean growth, happiness, and fertility. But the truth is, the meaning will depend on the kind of tree the leaf originally came from. Good examples are the bay leaf that represents healing, birch leaf that signifies purification, and the ivy leaf that is symbolizing friendship.
  • Willow Tree Design – Another very good design for tree tattoos that you can take into account is the willow tree design. The majestic beauty and the meaningful design of this tattoo are the two major things that made it very attractive to the men and women tattoo lovers in the entire world. The entire design of a willow tree is actually symbolizing mythology, memorial, and literary. It is one important symbol in the world of Celtic Mythology. This can also be a very important symbol of those people who were born in the British Isles.
  • Family Tree Tattoo Design – A family tree tattoo is a kind of family tattoos that are being worn by a lot of individuals all around the globe. Wearing family tree tattoos is enough for you to show how much you love and respect your whole family. For those nature-oriented families, this kind of a family tattoo is undeniably the perfect one to have.

Beautiful Designs Of Tree Tattoos

Circular Tree Tattoo Design on Forearm by María Fernández
Tree Swing Tattoo by Frank Carrilho
Playful Tree Tattoo Design by River
Tree Species Tattoo by Hongdam
Tree Tattoo on Back by Sol Art
Evergreen Tree Tattoo by Noksi

Common Placements for Tree Tattoo

For sure, you already know the fact that you can place your tattoos anywhere part of the body you want. However, it is still very advantageous on your part if you will think about the placement many times before finally deciding. Keep in mind that the placement is one great factor that can make your tree tattoos extremely stunning and meaningful. Here are some of the common placements of the tree tattoos that you might want to take into account:

  • Tree Tattoo on Back – This is perfect for those bigger size of tree tattoos since your back has a very wide space for tattooing. It might also be easy for the tattoo artist to engrave the design in this body part.
  • Tree Tattoo on Arms – Arms are elongated in size, so these are very good locations for your tree tattoos. Remember that these tattoos usually have elongated sizes.
  • Tree Tattoo on Legs – In case you do not want to place the tattoos on your arms but you still need to place them in an elongated body area, then why not place them on your legs. There is no way they cannot be beautiful there.
  • Tree Tattoo on Thigh – In case you want your tattoos to appear not that very obvious, then you can consider placing them on your thigh.


Tree tattoo is one great body art that you can have, as far as beauty and meanings are concerned. Trees are known to be sacred symbols of many cultures in the world, causing tree tattoos to be extremely interesting to have. Just make sure to place the tattoo on the right body placement.


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