200 Enticing Sunflower Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Sunflower tattoos are some of the adornments that you can commonly see on many people’s body these days. Have you heard about these flower tattoos? Are you one of those people who are very interested about these? Well, if you are thinking that a sunflower tattoo design is only about a gorgeous design, then you are absolutely wrong. The truth is, there are some more deeper meanings about these flower tattoos. But before knowing them, let’s try to know about the sunflower first.

Taking a Glimpse on Sunflower’s History

The very first grown sunflower was spotted in the beautiful country of Mexico, a number of years in the past. It was during the time when the Inca Empire was still active in pre-Columbian America. The ancient Incas used to worship this flower because they had this belief that it represented the sun, which happened to be their God. During the 16th century, the sunflower was brought in the continent of Europe and in some other parts of the world.


Know If Sunflower Tattoos Perfectly Fit You

Even though a sunflower tattoo design can be a very gorgeous adornment on a person’s body, you should know that not all people can give justice to this tattoo when engraved on their body. In other words, such flower design is not for all. In case you are curious enough if you are one of those people who can perfectly wear sunflower design tattoos, then here are some signs that you can take into account:

  • You are a flower lover – Of course, you can never be a perfect candidate for having a sunflower tattoo if you are not a flower lover. You won’t dare to engrave tattoo designs on your body that you don’t like, right? Thus, only flower lovers can wear this tattoo design with confidence.
  • You are a positive thinker – The explanation for this is that a sunflower is just like the sun, and when we say sun, it signifies new day, new beginning, and hope. This is why a sunflower tattoo is perfect for those positive thinkers. The tattoo will certainly tell other people how positive you are as a person.
  • You are a fun-loving individual – A sunflower tattoo also signifies fun. Hence, this is your perfect choice of a tattoo design if you are naturally funny and you always want to have some fun. Boringness is not what the flower symbolizes. People will certainly know that you are fun to be with through your sunflower tattoos.
  • You love sunshine – As said, a sunflower tattoo represents the sun. Hence, if you are not a sunshine lover, then you are definitely an imperfect candidate for having this tattoo. In case you are a flower lover however, you can still choose some other flower tattoos such as rose tattoos and daisy tattoos.

Sunflower Tattoo Design’s Symbolic Significance

As what being said, a sunflower tattoo is more than just a beautiful body adornment. It represents a lot of things that every tattoo lover should know. This is also something that those not that lovers of tattoos should know because who knows, you might just change your perceptions about tattoos after knowing their deeper significance in people’s lives.


  • A sunflower has a color of yellow. Because of this color, the flower has been considered to be a great symbol of intelligence, vitality, and happiness.
  • Sunflowers are very auspicious. This is according to the ancient Chinese mythology. Because of this, this flower has been known as a symbol of long life and good fortune amongst its wearers.
  • Such flower has something to do with God. This was what people from the ancient Incas civilization used to believe in. These people considered sun as their God. And since sunflower looks exactly the sun in the sky and has some of its adorable characteristics, ancient Incas were known to be the worshippers of the said flower.
  • A sunflower symbolizes harvest and bounty. This is according to the native American culture. Native Americans came up with this belief since the flower has a strong relation to the sun. Without the sun, the people’s harvest can never be bountiful. These native Americans also believed that the sunflower had something to do with energy and fertility.
  • It is a symbol of spiritual love. This is according to the Esoteric Chistianity. The people who are into Esoteric Christianity believe that a sunflower tattoo is a sign of spiritual attainment. To them, the flower also represent strong faith in God amongst Christians.

Popular Pictures Of Sunflower Tattoo Designs

Dotwork Sunflower Tattoo Design by Tom Tom
Sunflower Tattoo Design by Roma Severov
Sunflower Tattoo on Shoulder by Castigliani
Sunflower Tattoo Design by Russell Sayre
Sunflower Ankle Tattoo by Cheahwa
Neo Traditional Sunflower Tattoo by Cheri May Gourlay
Sunflower Tattoo on Back by Sion
Sunflower Tattoos by Saro
Sunflower Tattoo by Freda Oliveira
Sunflower Tattoo Design by Madison Hodges
Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo by Ewa Sroka
Sunflower Tattoo on Hand by Ilwol
Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo Design by Sol
Sunflower Tattoo on Leg by Ivy Saruzi
Sunflower Tattoo on Wrist by Danny Mateo
Sunflower Tattoo Design by Robert Capello
Sunflower Tattoo Design by Fernanda Prado
Sunflower Tattoo on Wrist
Large Sunflower Tattoo Design by Grain

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas to Take Into Account

Needless to say, the key to a very gorgeous sunflower tattoo is having the finest tattoo artist in town. Yes, there is a necessity for you to find the best tattoo artist who will engrave your chosen sunflower tattoo design on your own body. Without the help of a professional tattoo artist, having sunflower tattoos would definitely be impossible on your part even though you have some experience in tattooing. Always keep in mind that there are some body parts that are hard to reach, so you definitely need his or help assistance. In relation to this, here are some worth considering ideas for your sunflower design tattoos:

  • Thigh Watercolor Sunflower TattooWithout a doubt, thigh is one of the perfect body parts where you can display your sunflower tattoos. This is specially with women tattoo lovers. Since women love wearing shorts, this will definitely be perfect. If you don’t want to feel the pain from the needle used for tattooing, then you should go for thigh watercolor sunflower tattoo. But if you think you can endure the pain, then why not engrave the sunflower tattoo on your thigh forever?
  • Wrist Tiny Sunflowers – A sunflower tattoo will also look great on your wrist. This would be the perfect design that you should opt for if you don’t like bigger sunflower tattoo to be displayed on your body. In order to add some drama on the design, you can choose to have 3 or more tiny sunflowers tattooed on your wrist.
  • Under Breast Sunflower Tattoo – This would be a very sexy sunflower tattoo design idea that every woman tattoo lover should consider. There is no way this tattoo cannot enhance your womanly features on your body that will make you more attractive to the opposite sexes. Of course, you can decide on the tattoo size. Just make sure to tell your tattoo artist.
  • Upper Back Sunflower Tattoo with Quotations – Sunflower tattoos will also look very gorgeous when placed on your upper back. These will even look more beautiful when paired with some quotes, which may then change the meanings of the tattoos. You can express what you have inside through the quotes.
  • Foot Sunflower Tattoo – One common sunflower tattoo idea is placing it on your foot or on the left and right foot, depending on your personal preference. To achieve more unique sunflower tattoo, you can choose to get tattooed under your foots, which may be a little difficult to do.


Sunflower tattoos would surely look gorgeous on your body. However, you need to be very careful in choosing a sunflower tattoo design since not all of the available designs will perfectly fit your body and personal taste.


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