178 Small Wrist Tattoos, Pros, Cons And Pain Level

Every single day, the number of people who are getting wrist tattoos with their most preferred gorgeous tattoo design is visibly increasing. There is no one to blame here since tattoos are now introduced by so many influential people in the world like those prominent celebrities. Some people are getting involved in tattooing because they simply want to follow what their idols are doing. In other words, they want to look exactly the same with their idols. Moreover, there are those individuals who go for small wrist tattoos in order to show the world what they are inside, as a human being. Whatever your reason is, what is important is you are not stepping into someone’s feet, and you are not breaking the government laws.

Important Considerations Before Going for Wrist Tattoos

Of course, getting tattooed on your wrist is not just a thing that you can always do whenever you like. Since it is a serious thing, you also need to be serious. Keep in mind that tattoos can be engraved on your wrist permanently, and once you are on it already, there is no time of going back. Unless, you are ready to erase the tattoos, and feel alright with the scars they might leave on your wrist. In connection to this, here are some important considerations that must not be forgotten when planning on having a wrist tattoo.


  • Purpose – This is the number one important consideration you need to bear in mind. Sane people will not go for any tattoo if they don’t have any purpose at all, of course. Know your purpose well, so that it will be easy for you to determine the best wrist tattoo design for you.
  • Size – Remember that your wrist is just have a limited space for a tattoo. Thus, make sure to consider the exact size of the tattoo design you want to engrave on it.
  • Tattoo Design – Well, having a gorgeous wrist tattoo can never be achieved without a tattoo design, right? So, make sure that you already have a plan in your mind in advance before you finally get tattooed.
  • Your Own Personality – If you are planning to get tattooed on your wrist in order to showcase your inner personality, then make sure to know well your personality first before choosing a specific design. You won’t go for a floral design if you have more masculine characteristics than feminine ones, for sure.
  • Cost – One last important consideration is the cost. In case you don’t have enough budget, then getting tattooed with a professional tattoo artist is certainly not for you. It is because you need to spend for a professional fee of the artist. Thus, it would be best to prepare a budget plan for this in advance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wrist Tattoos

If you think that getting tattooed on the wrist only involves great things, then think again. It also has its own fair share of disadvantages, of course. But before going to these disadvantages, let’s try to know first the advantages it can offer.

  • Stronger Personality Presence – People have this natural perception that men and women who have tattoos like on the wrist are stronger in personality, when compared to those who don’t have.
  • Be Known without Talking – Your tattoos will always speak for who you are. Because of this, people may no longer need to talk to you just to know you more. Sometimes, taking a look on your tattoos is already enough to get well-acquainted with your personality.
  • Lesser Cost – Most of the time, wrist tattoos only involve smaller tattoo designs. Because of this, there will only be lesser details that need to be given with serious attention on the part of the tattoo artist. Because of this, lesser cost is expected.
  • Hotter, Gorgeous Look – For some reasons, men and women who have tattoos even just on the wrist will appear gorgeous and hotter in the eyes of opposite sexes. In fact, this is one of the reasons why people allowed themselves to get tattooed.

Here are the disadvantages that you can expect from going for wrist tattoos:

  • Bad Society Image – It is actually a case to case basis. If you are living in a very conservative place that is very religion-oriented, having tattoos will surely make you as a bad example in the society. However, this is not the case when you’re living in a lesser conservative region.
  • Very Visible – Of course, a tattoo on your wrist will be more visible compared to some other tattoos engraved in other body parts. This will be very disadvantageous on your part if you will attend a conservative type of event, in which tattoos are being discouraged. Unless, you will always be wearing long sleeves.

Wrist Tattoo Pain Level?

@Ashley Ann (Yahoo Answers): some tattoo artist wont do right on the wrist because of the veins some will do below or even the middle mine is a little below and didnt hurt me at all maybe cause i cant tolerate pain. just depends what you can take.

Celebrities and their Wrist Tattoos

As what you have seen on television, magazines, and internet, there are a number of celebrities from all over the world who have tattoos on their wrists. Some of these celebrities did it because they want to cope with the latest trend. However, most of these tattoos signify important things in the lives of these celebrities. Here are some of these celebrities:


  • Selena Gomez – This American television child star turned into a gorgeous singer is proudly showing her musical note tattoo on her wrist. This tattoo means that music a big part of her current successful career.
  • Rihanna – Who would not know Rihanna? Aside from being a battered girlfriend of Chris Brown, she is a brilliant singer and actress the world has to offer. Rihanna has a tribal tattoo on her right wrist. According to her, such tattoo symbolizes love and strength.
  • Lea Michele – This gorgeous “Glee” star has a wrist tattoo that goes, “I Believe”. It has a teal color, so there’s no way you cannot notice it. This is actually the title of the song Lea used to sing in the famous Broadway rock musical show “Spring Awakening”.
  • Khloe Kardashian – This elite American celebrity has an “I Love You” tattoo on her right wrist. The idea of tattooing it came across when she found a handwritten letter of her dad saying, “I Love You”.

Most Popular Wrist Tattoo Designs Of All Time

Lightning Bolt Tattoo by Georgia Grey
Fern Tattoo on Wrist by Mowgli
Floral Wrist Tattoo by Anna Bravo
Tiny Wing Tattoo on Wrist by Sasha Masiuk
Sketch Style Bird Tattoos on Wrist by Inez Janiak
Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Wrist by Asao
Linework Band by Balazs Bercsenyi
Floral Wrist Tattoo by Mini Lau
Tiny Triple Goddess Tattoo on Wrist by Lauren WInzer
Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo by G.NO
Pink Hibiscus Wrist Tattoo by Ryson Lapenia
Wanderlust Tattoo by Haruka
Ornamental Wrist Tattoo by Pedro Contessoto
LGBT Wrist Tattoo
Floral Wrist Tattoo by Char Mcgaughy

Design Ideas to Consider for Wrist Tattoos

Wrist signifies bravery and boldness as a person. This is one reason why a number of individuals, men and women, prefer to get tattooed in this body party. But before getting tattooed, you need to choose the finest tattoo design that perfectly fits for you, of course. In this regard, here are some design ideas that you can consider for your wrist tattoos:

  • Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Design – A lot of women are opting for this design idea, but it doesn’t mean that it is not also good for men. In this design, you can choose to have a bigger image of a butterfly that is ornamented with some other design accessories, or a group of smaller size butterflies with lesser complicated details. If you are a man, make sure that the butterfly is accompanied with manly design accessories so that it will not end up as a feminine butterfly design engraved in a man’s wrist.
  • Bird Wrist Tattoo Design – This is another design idea if you are going for wrist tattoos. Bird is a common design for all those individuals who are free-spirited like a bird, and for those who greatly values freedom. It can be placed on one side of your wrist or at the center of it.
  • Symbolic Wrist Tattoo Design – This is one common wrist tattoo design idea that is considered by hundreds or even thousands of people in the world. It can involve artistic and beautiful religion-related symbols such as cross, crucifix, and even Jesus Christ’s image. Music symbols can also be great options, especially those people who are into the music industry. Moreover, you can go for ancient symbols especially if you are quite interested in the world history.
  • Celestial Body Wrist Tattoo Design – This design idea is surely an interesting one. Of course, it involves celestial body images such as sun, stars, and moon. What is the best about this design is the strength that it will reflect towards your own personality as the bearer of the tattoo. All these celestial body symbols can also be combined together to come up with a very wonderful effect on your wrist.

Generally, having wrist tattoos will always come with good and bad things. You may appear great in the eyes of many people, but you can surely not ignore the criticizing look of many conservative individuals in the society. You can never please everyone, after all. Hence, before finally deciding to have these tattoos, make sure that you are more than ready with the possible things that may ahead.


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