200+ Best Matching Best Friend Tattoos (BFF)

Best friend tattoos are some other tattoos that are gaining more and more popularity these days. Of course, these are very popular amongst those people in the world who have their wonderful best friends in their lives. Even so, this does not mean that these tattoos are only good for those best friends out there. These can also be engraved on couples like boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wives. The secret here is actually having the same designed tattoos engraved on both of your body. Let’s say for example that you have a feather tattoo on your wrist, your best friend should also have a feather tattoo on her or his wrist, making the tattoos perfect partners.

Infinity Heart Best Friend Tattoos


Great Significance of Best Friend Tattoos

Needless to say, the best friend tattoos engraved by ordinary people and famous celebrities on their body have geat significance to their lives. In other words, they are not just pure display tattoos that make them very gorgeous in terms of physical appearance. In this regard, here are some of the great symbolisms and meanings of these tattoos:

  • Friendship –Of course, the number one thing that a best friend tattoo symbolizes is friendship. It will automatically register to the minds of the people that you have a strong friendship with your best friend once they see your tattoos specially when you are both together in one place.
  • Commitment –Who says commitment can only be suitable to those real life couples out there? This is also perfect for those people who have strong friendship relationship of course. This is the main reason why a best friend tattoo signifies commitment to those best friends who have a best friend tattoo on their body.
  • Strength –Strength is another thing that a best friend tattoo signifies. When you have this tattoo, it simply means that you have strength that you are getting from your best friend. It means that nothing can break your strong bonds as best friends.
  • Longevity –A best friend tattoo also symbolizes longevity. Meaning to say, you believe with your best friend that your good best friend relationship will last for a lifetime. You can tell the world that nothing will disband you by having a very gorgeous and meaningful best friend tattoo.

Several Beautiful Designs for Best Friend Tattoos

Of course, there are lots of designs that are available for best friend tattoos that you can consider having with your best friend. However, you must be very careful in choosing the design that you should get engraved on your body since not all of them will look good and fit on yourself. In relation to this, here are some of the designs that you can consider regarding a best friend tattoo:

  • Religious Best Friend Tattoo Design–As its name suggests, this particular design involves a religious symbol such as cross, or simply an image of Jesus Christ. The key here is to have an identical tattoo design with your best friend. If you have a male best friend, he can have the image of Jesus Christ. And if you are a girl, you can choose to have the image of Virgin Mary. Just make sure that you place the tattoo in the same body portion where your best friend engraves his chosen design in order to make them look a best friend tattoo.
  • Infinity Best Friend Tattoo DesignFor sure, you are aware of the fact that the symbol of infinity is one of the most preferred designs of a best friend tattoo. This symbol will simply mean your friendship will last forever, and the trust that you have to each other will never be broken. There are lots of couples in the world are having this best friend tattoo.
  • Heart Best Friend Tattoo DesignOne of the most popular choices of a best friend tattoo is the heart best friend tattoo design. Needless to say, a best friend tattoo is representing love to each other. Thus, it is no longer surprising why a lot of people are choosing the heart best friend tattoo design. The heart tattoo will look even more gorgeous when paired with some love quotes that have great significance to your relationship as best friends or real life sweethearts.
  • Cartoon Character Best Friend TattooThis is extremely perfect for those loving couples out there. You can have you favorite couple cartoon characters engraved on your body. You can certainly become a bit playful with this particular best friend tattoo design since cartoon characters are very cute designs.
  • Yin and Yang Best Friend Tattoo DesignAnother very beautiful common design for a best friend tattoo is the Yin and Yang design. It is also very meaningful apart from the fact that this is very attractive.

Celebrities with Best Friend Tattoos

Just like the ordinary people in the world, there are also a lot of famous personalities who are being captivated with the idea of having best friend tattoos. These celebrities even become more popular because of these tattoos that they have that captured the media. Some of the names of these best friend celebrities are written below:


  • Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner–Hailey Baldwin is a 19-year-old American fashion model who has a strong best friend relationship with another American fashion model whom is very popular, Kendall Jenner. They have their evidence of being a best friend, which is the best friend tattoo on their fingers. It is a word best friend tattoo that can be read as “PRAY”. Aside from this, they also have another best friend tattoo. Kendall have white dots on her middle fingers while Hailey has a lowercase “g” at that back of her left ear. The two good best friends decided these tattoos to be engraved on their body.
  • Ireland Baldwin and Hailey BaldwinIreland Baldwin is a 20-year-old American fashion model whom is a very beautiful cousin of Hailey Baldwin. Hailey and Ireland has a very gorgeous word best friend tattoo. They said that being cousins is one fact that makes them good best friends. They have the “baldwin” word best tattoo place on both of their middle fingers. Jon Boy was the popular tattoo artist who made this particular best friend tattoo of them.
  • Mandy Moore and her Band mates–Mandy Moore and her band mates are also showing good friendship to the public through having their best friend tattoos that are located on their feet. You might not understand what this tattoo looks like, but it has great significance to them. The tattoo was gotten by her and her band mates 8 years ago. When they are together, they remove their shoes and show the tattoos to the people who want to see it.

Beautiful Images Of Matching Best Friend Tattoos

You Keep Me Safe and Wild Friendship Tattoos Quotes
Yin and yang Mandala Friendship Tattoos
Yin and Yang on Wrist Friendship Tattoos
Yin and Yang Best Friend Tattoos
Turtle on Foot Best Friend Tattoos
Tribal Turtle Friendship Tattoos
Triangles on Fingers Friendship Tattoos
To Infinity and Beyond Quote Best Friend Tattoos
Together Forever Best Friend Quotes
Thick and Thin Heart Infinity Best Friend Tattoos
Sun, Moon and Star Best Friend Tattoos
Sun Flower Friendship Tattoos on Ankle
Sun and Moon Yin Yang Friendship Tattoos
Sun and Moon with Arrows Best Friend Tattoos
Sun and Moon Side Friendship Tattoos

Sailing Quotes Friendship Tattoos

Common Placements for Your Best Friend Tattoos

Needless to say, there are different parts of your body where you can place your best friend tattoos. Make sure that your best friend also place his or her tattoo on the same placement of yours so that the essence of a best friend tattoo can be greatly achieved. In this regard, here are some of the common body parts where you can place your best friend tattoo:

  • Best Friend Tattoos on Chest – Chest is very near to your heart. And since you dearly love your best friend, the chest area is definitely the perfect placement for your best friend tattoo. The best friend tattoo of yours and your best friend will surely look great on your chest.
  • Best Friend Tattoos on Wrist – Another very common yet perfect placement for your best friend tattoo is your wrist. To achieve the great beauty of a best friend tattoo, you can place the tattoo design on your left wrist and your best friend should have it on your right wrist, or it depends on your decision who will have the one on the right or left wrist.
  • Best Friend Tattoos on Neck – Neck is actually a very good placement for whatever kinds of tattoos you want just like the best friend tattoo. If you want to display your best relationship to the other people, then the neck part is a very perfect placement that you should take into account.
  • Best Friend Tattoos on Foot – The foot is another perfect placement for your best friend tattoos. You will definitely look great with your best friend with this particular placement. To show it to others, you can take pictures with your feet with your best friend, and they will surely like it. There is no doubt about that. The Yin and Yang design is great for this placement.
  • Best Friend Tattoos on ForearmsForearms will also great placements for your best friend tattoo if you want the tattoos very obvious to some other people around you. When you are together with your best friend, you will certainly be the center of attraction when you have the tattoo on your forearms.


Best friend tattoos are definitely gorgeous adornments that you can have on your body and to the body of your best friend. There is no way people around you will not recognize the strong friendship that you have got with your best friend. Just make sure that you and your best decided what kind of tattoo design that you will both wear on your body.


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