132 Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos For Men And Women

Lower back tattoos are undeniably popular nowadays. It is all because of the great numbers of individuals who are getting tattooed on their lower back part every single day. These people are composed of ordinary individuals and famous celebrities, from teens to oldies. This is how popular these tattoos are. In the United States of America alone, almost 25 percent of people are getting tattooed on the lower back. These people are under the age bracket of 18 to 50. Just in case you don’t know, a lower back tattoo is also being referred to as tramp stamp.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Expect from Lower Back Tattoos

Just like other tattoos, lower back tattoos can also give some advantages and disadvantages to its wearers. Here are some of the advantages:


  • Convenient for the Artist – Lower back is of course, wider in space. Because of this, it will not be hard for the tattoo artist you hire to engrave the beautiful design you want.
  • Sexier Image – For those people who have lower back tattoo, displaying a sexier image to the public will not be hard anymore. A lower back tattoo can surely do the job for them. This is very true especially to those women who have these tattoos.
  • Fashionable Image – Since tattoos are already important add-ons to the fashion world nowadays, people who wear lower back tattoos will certainly look fashionable in the eyes of many.
  • Easy to Display – These tattoos are definitely easy to display when necessary. This is a total advantage to women. They just need to wear something that is shorter than the normal size of a shirt, and these tattoos can already be shown to others.

On the other hand, here are some of the disadvantages that these tattoos bring:

  • More Painful – Since lower back is still directly connected to spinal column, it is just right to say that it is more painful to get tattooed here compared to some other parts of the body.
  • Hard to See for Yourself – When you want to see these tattoos for yourself whenever you want to, it will be hard of course since it these are located at your back. You need to use a mirror before you can see them.

Lower Back Tattoos and the Celebrities Who Have Them

For sure, you are aware of the fact that a number of famous celebrities nowadays are into tattoos like the lower back tattoos. In fact, these celebrities have major contributions in popularizing the significance and value of tattoos. In this regard, here are some names of the celebrities who have their own lower back tattoo:


  • Lindsay Lohan – This very controversial, gorgeous celebrity has a beautifully designed lower back tattoo. This is an Italian words that go, “La Bella Vita”. In English term, it means “The Good Life”.
  • Victoria Beckham – This former Spice Girls singing group member has a series of stars lower back tattoo. This tattoo of her is actually dedicated to her family, including her husband and kids.
  • David Beckham – He is amongst those lists of famous celebrities in the world who appreciate the beauty and significance of lower back tattoos. It is the “Brooklyn” tattoo, which happens to be the name of his own son.
  • Maria Carey – This famous international singing sensation also has a lower back tattoo. The design is a simple yet colorful and gorgeous butterfly.
  • Nora Jones – She is a famous singer in the world, and she has a gorgeous star tattoo located on her lower back.
  • Angelina Jolie – Angelina is a very famous celebrity in Hollywood not only because she has a beautiful face, but also for a fact that she has a golden heart. She helps a lot of people all over the world through her humanitarian activities. However, do you know that she is also famous because of the tattoos all over her body? One of these tattoos is the one that is located on her lower back, and this is a gorgeous Bengal tiger.

Popular Images Of Lower Back Tattoos

lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower back tattoo
lower-back-tattoo (1)
lower-back-tattoo (2)
lower back tattoo
lower-back-tattoo (3)
lower-back-tattoo (4)
lower-back-tattoo (5)

Different Designs for Lower Back Tattoos

For those who want to go for these tattoos, you should be lucky since there are a lot of lower back tattoo designs that you can choose from. Because of this, there is no way you cannot find the design that simply suits you best. Here are some of these beautiful designs:

  • Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo Design – Obviously, there are great numbers of people who are choosing a butter design on their lower back tattoo. This is simply because aside from the fact that it will look gorgeous, this design also signifies one important thing and this is the evolution of life. People who have this tattoo are those who are more than ready for any changes that may happen in their lives.
  • Heart Tattoo Design on Lower Back – This is another very common yet valuable lower back tattoo design that you can opt for. The heart is the main reason why people feel some emotions inside them. This design signifies love. In order to enhance its appearance, you can make this simple design associated with tribal art.
  • Flower Lower Back Tattoo Design – Everyone loves flowers for sure. You can see the beauty of nature through them. Having a flower design on your lower back would be a great option. A lot of onlookers will surely envy your flower tattoo and will make them want to have one too.
  • Colorful Bird Designs – When you think about birds, you can also think about freedom. Having a colorful bird lower back tattoo design is a great way for you to make a statement about freedom. More than that, colorful birds design offers many poses and motif, giving you numerous options to choose from.
  • Tribal Lower Back Tattoo Design – This is one of the most common and gorgeous design chosen by a lot of people nowadays. It is composed of artsy curves and lines that you will surely love.

Truly, more and more people are seeing the gorgeousness of the lower back tattoos. If you want to be like them, then start searching for the best design that suits you best.


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