150+ Meaningful Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower tattoo is undeniably one of the most beautiful flower tattoos that can be engraved in one’s body, and there are so many people in the world who prefer to have it than anything else. Aside from the fact that it looks so gorgeous as body art, lotus flower also symbolizes a number of things. It is even closely connected to several religions in the world. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why great numbers of tattoo lovers are attracted to such flower design tattoo.

Hinduism and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Believe it or not, lotus flower tattoos are sacred things in the name of Hinduism religion. It is simply because such religion considers Padma as a sacred flower. Just in case you do not know, Padma is a kind of lotus flower. People who believe in Hinduism think that Brahma, Vishnu and some other deities have something to do with the lotus flower. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why people who practice Hinduism are fond of tattooing lotus flower on their bodies. According to Hinduism, lotus signifies purity and divine beauty, while its unfolding leaves represents spiritual awakening and expansion of a person’s soul.


Buddhism and Its Relationship to Lotus Tattoos

People who are practicing Buddhism as their religion are also some of those tattoo lovers in the world who love tattooing lotus flowers on their body. It is simply because a lotus flower has a strong tie to the said religion. In Buddhism, the purity of one’s body, spirit, and mind is what a lotus flower tattoo represents for. In Buddhist lotus tattoos however, the flower is usually associated with eight beautiful petals that represents the Eightfold Path, which is the religion’s core tenet.

Knowing the Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning through Its Colors

For those people who are not that fully acquainted about the meaning of lotus tattoos, their individual colors will actually affect that much to the message or meaning that the tattoos are trying to portray. In other words, lotus flower tattoos’ meanings can also be determined through their colors. Here is clearer explanations about it:


  • Blue Lotus – Blue lotus is the perfect representations of intelligence, wisdom, or knowledge. Religiously speaking, the blue colored lotus that a person’s spiritual aspect has more control compared to his or her physical senses. It also means that your spirituality can help you overcome those physical temptations that may come to you. Most of the time, a blue lotus is tattooed as a half closed one on one’s body. It simply means that your spirit and mind growth is a continuous process and it never ends until you die.
  •  White Lotus – The white lotus tattoo of course, has different meanings with the blue one. It signifies enlightenment on a person’s spiritual and mental aspects. The person who wears a white colored lotus tattoo shows that he or she is calm in nature. It also has something to do with perfection and purity. According to Buddhism, the pinnacle of achievement is the one that a white lotus tattoo represents for. In fact, the white lotus is being referred to by Buddhists as the “Flower of the Buddhas”.
  • Red Lotus – The red lotus is also known as the “heart lotus”. A red colored lotus flower tattoo depicts passion, compassion, and love. This is the main reason why it is called the “heart lotus”. To show the wearer’s passionate nature, the red lotus tattoo is always done in a fully bloomed flower image.
  • Purple Lotus – A purple-colored lotus is the one being tattooed to numerous Buddhist people. It is simply because this image is one sacred flower that is involved in Buddhism. It is believed to be the homage of the Buddhist deities. Also, a purple-colored lotus represents spirituality.

Popular Images Of Lotus Tattoo Designs

Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo on Ankle by Melina Casteletto
Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm by Dasha Sumkina
Lotus Flower on Back by Paulinho
Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo by Ishi Neve
Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo by G.NO
Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo by Georgia Grey
Lotus flower triangular glyph by Dasha Sumkina
Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo by Rachelle Downs
Layered Lotus Underboob Tattoo by Marcel Blue
Layered Lotus Underboob Tattoo by Marcel Blue
Sketch Style Lotus Flower Tattoo by Nick Hart
Dotwork Lotus Flower Tattoo by Haylie Farrell
Mystic Lotus Flower Tattoo by IDA
Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo by Yanina Viland
Lotus Flower Tattoo on Thigh by Sasha Masiuk
Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back by Roma Severov
Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo by Felipe Mello
Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo by Austin Huffman
Geometric Lotus Flower by Georgia Grey
Amazing Lotus Flower Tattoo on Thigh by Aleks Mothra

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs to Take Into Account

Needless to say, lotus tattoos can offer you a wide range of designs, just like any other kinds of tattoos out there. With this, there is no way you cannot find the lotus design that perfectly fits on your body and to your personal preference. Here are some of the most preferred lotus tattoo designs that you can consider:

  • Lotus Flower Grown in Water – A lotus flower alone of course, has an absolutely meaning when it is tattooed. And when it grows in a pool of water, its meaning becomes different. Even though lotus usually grows in dirty water, Hinduism and Buddhism still believe that lotus is the purest flower they have ever known. In the Lotus Flower Grown in Water design, you can choose only one lotus flower or more if you want to enhance its beauty.
  • Half Closed and Fully Bloomed Lotus Flower – Some people prefer having a half closed lotus flower tattoo, while there are others who want it to be fully bloomed. Even so, the fully bloomed lotus is symbolizing the delicate and pure heart of the tattoo wearer. Hence, if you want to show to others how delicate and pure your heart is, then opting for a fully bloomed lotus flower design is the best thing you can do.
  • Tribal Lotus Flower Design – There is no question why a lot of people prefer having a tribal design when it comes to lotus tattoos since this is a very gorgeous and artistic design that any tattoo lovers can possibly engrave on their body. The beauty of a tribal design can be greatly appreciated if it has a bigger size. This is the main reason why a tribal lotus flower design can be perfectly displayed on arms, back, and legs. Furthermore, tribal design is usually tattooed with only black color. However, lotus flower design is an exception specially if the design is quite modern. You can incorporate more colors. You just have to make sure that it fits you and the entire tattoo design as well.
  • Lotus Flower and a Dragon Design – Common Chinese and Japanese tattoo lovers choice is the lotus flower and a dragon design. You might be thinking that these two subjects will never go well in one tattoo design together, but they actually will. Many people can attest to that specially those who have already tried this gorgeous lotus tattoo design. Aside from the fact that this design will look great on the body, these tattoo lovers also choose such design because a dragon is one iconic symbol on their cultures.
  • Matching Lotus Tattoo Design – The truth is, a matching lotus tattoo design is a matter of matching the lotus flower design with some other beautiful designs that can make the lotus tattoo even more beautiful and significant. This is usually used by those people who relate their body tattoos on their varied cultures. Like for example the Japanese culture. The lotus flower tattoo designed involved in this particular culture is matched with images of waves or clouds. With these matching designs, there is no way the final lotus tattoo product will not look as stunning as you want it to be.


A lotus flower tattoo is one tattoo design that must be considered if you want something that is related to religion, apart from the fact that it is a gorgeous image for a tattoo. It has various colors, and each of these lotus color represents varied meanings that people should know.


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