150 Elegant Leg Tattoos For Men And Women

Leg tattoos seem to be very popular nowadays. It can be confirmed by the great numbers of men and women who are getting inked on their legs every single day. This is despite the fact that there are so many individuals in the world who consider tattooing as satanic act. Through these tattoos, people are able to express themselves without even talking to the people surrounding them. Moreover, there are many individuals who are into these tattoos in order to show how devoted they are to their religion. Another reason why people consider having these tattoos is to enhance their fashion sense in this modern era.

The Coverage of Leg Tattoos

Of course, leg tattoos cover a particular part of the human body, and these are obviously located on the leg part. These tattoos can actually be full, half, quarter, or just a small portion tattoos. It will depend on the person who wants to get inked on his or her leg part. Many people go for full leg tattoos. These cover from the thigh part up to the ankle or straight to the toes part. If you don’t appreciate the beauty of a full leg tattoo, then go for the half one. Half leg tattoo covers from the knees downwards or upwards. If you don’t want to expose your tattoos, then you can have a leg tattoo that starts from the knees up to the thigh part, or from the thigh part up to the knees. Moreover, quarter leg tattoo can also be an option. This is good for those people who don’t want to have a very visible tattoo on their legs.


Leg Tattoos Advantages and Disadvantages

It is just normal for tattoos to be associated with a number of advantages and disadvantages, and leg tattoos are no exemptions here. The following are some of the expected advantages of these tattoos:

  • Less Painful – The leg part is majorly composed of muscles, so there’s no question why it is less painful when tattooing is done here.
  • Wide Coverage – Leg tattoos have wider coverage compared to others, so you can surely engraved the design you want here, no matter if it is big or just a small design.
  • Easy to Hide – This is actually a case to case basis. It will be easy to hide when you get tattooed from your thigh towards your knees, which is called a half leg tattoo.

Here are some of the disadvantages you can get from leg tattoos:

  • It Takes Time – This is another case to case basis. If you will go for full leg tattoos, then it will take time for sure, and so with the half leg tattoo.
  • Costlier – When compared to others, it will be costlier to have a leg tattoo since it has wider coverage.

Famous Personalities Who Have Leg Tattoos

It cannot be denied that famous celebrities are the ones who firstly integrate tattoos in their body, and leg tattoos are some of these gorgeous tattoos they have got. Here are some of the names of these celebrities:


  • Mel C – This English singer-songwriter is a former Spice Girls member, and she has a gorgeous dragon tattoo on her right leg. This is just a quarter leg tattoo.
  • Paz De La Huerta – This American model and actress has a quarter leg tattoo that has snake design. The tail part of the snake extended to the top part of her right foot.
  • Ryan Cabrera – This 33-year-old American musician has a leg tattoo that displays the face of the famous American actor, Ryan Gosling. It’s the consequence that he gained in playing “tattoo roulette” with his circle of friends.
  • Bam Margera – This American television personality and the star of Viva La Bam and Jackass has a leg tattoo that displays the face of his uncle named Vincent Margera.
  • Justin Bieber – This controversial young singer shows his strong belief to God through his Jesus Christ tattoo on his left leg. On the bottom part of Jesus Christ’s image are roses the enhanced the appearance of the tattoo.
  • Barbara Mori – This 38-year-old Mexican model and actress has a bigger size rose tattoo on her right leg, which is inked with longer stalk. Such leg tattoo certainly looks good to her.

Popular Pictures Of Leg Tattoos

Usual Designs to Choose for Leg Tattoos

There are a number of leg tattoo designs that you can choose from. In choosing however, there are several factors that must be considered. You must see to it that the design represents the inner you. Remember, tattoos can be the reflections of your personality. Here are some usual designs that you might like to have:

  • Floral Leg Tattoo Design – This is a very common design for leg tattoos, and this design can be usually seen on women. The main reason is very obvious here. Flowers symbolize femininity, and girls will definitely look more beautiful with the floral design. Rose is the top choice of many.
  • Animal Leg Tattoo Design – If you want to get rid of feminine designs, then why not try the animal leg tattoo design. This will depict various characteristics, depending on the kind of animal design you choose. To show the brave side of yours, it is best to go for a tiger, lion, or an ox. If you are peace lover and free-spirited, then birds would be perfect.
  • Tribal Design – One of the common choices of men and women when it comes to leg tattoos is the tribal design. This design is very beautiful, but it involves complex details. With this, you must hire a reliable tattoo artist, to make sure that the job is done well.
  • Symbolic Design – Many go for symbolic design, especially if they get tattooed because of their religion or something. Common symbolic leg tattoo design is the cross or the image of Jesus Christ.

Without a doubt, leg tattoos can enhance the appearance of the wearers. These can even make them more fashionable. If you think of having tattoos, then leg tattoos will surely look good on you.


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