250 Most Powerful Elephant Tattoos And Their Meanings

Elephant tattoos are considered to be one of those animal tattoos that are well-loved by thousands of tattoo lovers from all over the world. Well, there is no one to blame here since an elephant is a perfect subject for tattooing. This animal is deemed to be the strongest and biggest creature this planet has to offer. It is extremely dominant in nature, and its weight may reach as much as 8 tons.

That is quite a super heavy weight for a single creature, right? But despite its dominant nature, it cannot be denied that it is tempered and graceful. This is the main reason why this animal is loved by many in the past years and even up to these days. The truth is, an elephant is not that aggressive unless you provoke it. Such animal is well known for its big and long trunk, big ears, and super huge body.


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Meanings of Elephant Tattoos

Of course, there is no way elephant designed tattoos do not have their own meanings and symbolisms. As a matter of fact, elephants are considered by a lot of cultures in the world as sacred animals that need to be respected. In this regard, here are some of the symbolisms of elephant as well as the elephant tattoos:

  • Power – Even though elephant is not the king of the jungle like a lion, it is still symbolizing power and strength and it is all because of its huge size and a considerable amount of strength that it can release specially if its safety is being compromised. If you think you have the same characteristics with elephant, then the elephant designed tattoos would surely be great for you.
  • Dominance – In case you do not know, elephant designed tattoos are symbolizing dominance and it is all because of the dominant nature of an elephant. It is a kingly kind of characteristic even though it is not known to be the king of the animal kingdom. Well, it is just right to be dominant since it has a very huge size that may threaten the other animals that are planning to attack it.
  • Gracefulness – Even though elephants have dominance in nature, they still have the gracefulness that every individual would surely love the most. The truth is, these animals are never hot tempered at all times. If you just do not provoke them, then there is nothing to worry and they will remain as graceful as you want them to be.
  • Loyalty – Another thing that an elephant tattoo symbolizes is loyalty. Even though it is very dominant and ferocious sometimes, this does not mean that it will abandon you if you are treating it as your friend. It can be very loyal to its friends specially to its family. This attitude is very human-like. If you are like this, then having elephant tattoos would be great for you.
  • Faith – Elephants are also symbolizing faith. As a matter of fact, these animals are considered by many people as one of those sacred animals. Because of this, people must respect elephants the way they respect their own self.

Elephant Tattoo Inspiration

Tattoo: Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch has had an elephant tattoo inked on her one remaining leg

She was one of the victims of the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash has had an elephant tattooed onto her one remaining leg as a symbol of ‘strength, unity and family’.¬†Recently, Miss Balch visited a tattoo parlor to have a picture of a family of elephants tattooed onto her left leg. (Source: DailyMail)

Popular Elephant Tattoo Designs

Needless to say, there are a number of elephant designed tattoo ideas that you can take into account when you are thinking of having an elephant tattoo. All of these tattoo design ideas are very gorgeous, but not all of them are for you. This is the main reason why you need to consider a number of important things first before you finally decide which one you would choose. However, regardless of what is the perfect design for you, here are some worth considering elephant designed tattoo ideas that you should know:


  • Elephant with Some Quotations – This is definitely a common elephant tattoo design idea that you can always see on tattoo lovers all over the globe. It is composed of an image of an elephant of course as well as quotations that are significant for you. You can choose those favorite sayings of yours or anything that has significance in your life like your birthday, anniversary date and a lot more.
  • Chain of Elephant Images – A chain of elephant images would also look nice on your body for sure. This idea involves several images of elephants that are connected to one another. In this idea, the elephants would look like they are creating a single line. Hence, it will need wider space on your body part. It would be perfect to be placed on your back, arms, and even legs.
  • Couple Elephant Design Idea – As its name suggests, this design would involve an elephant couple that is engraved on your body. It might be that they are kissing each other or they are just standing close to each other. It will now depend on your personal preference and the idea of your tattoo artist. You can even include some of the elephant babies to make the image look like a family of elephants.
  • Elephant Coupled with Another Animal – Another worth considering elephant tattoo idea is an elephant that is coupled with another animal. It can be a turtle, a horse, a dog or anything you want to. This design would definitely depict friendship. So, if you are very friendly in nature. This design idea would be perfect for you.

Popular Images Of Elephant Tattoos
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Where to Place Your Elephant Designed Tattoos

The truth is, it always depend on the wearers where to place their elephant designed tattoos. Even so, it is best to think about the placement of the tattoos well before doing the tattooing procedure. Make sure that you are considering several important things like the main purpose of having this tattoo. In relation to this, here are some of the best placements for your elephant tattoos that must be taken into account:

  • Elephant Tattoo on Wrist – If you just want to have a small elephant designed tattoo, then having it on your wrist part would be ideal. You can have a simple image of an elephant or an elephant image that is accompanied with some more artistic sub designs, depending on your personal preference. You can even have a chain of small size elephants, which will certainly look good.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Back – In case you want to have a bigger size of an elephant tattoo, then choosing the back part of your body would certainly be great. It is simply because this area is quite wide that any size of tattoo can be engraved here. You can choose the full back portion, the upper back, or just the lower back.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Fingers – Who would have thought that this bigger size of animal can also be perfectly engraved on your fingers? The only thing is that you will just have smaller size of elephant designs, unless you have huge size of fingers like an elephant that is impossible for sure. Since the design would be smaller, it will certainly require so much precision from the tattoo artist, so make sure to find the finest one.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Arms – In case your purpose of having an elephant tattoo is to show to the other people how you admire this animal and you do not care about those people who hate tattoos, then placing the tattoo on your arms would be alright. This location is undeniably very visible to the eyes of many, attaining your number one purpose of tattooing. You can choose to have it on the upper parts of your arms. But if you wish to hide it sometimes, then choose the lower parts of your arms.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Shoulders – Just in case you do not know, your shoulders can also be great locations for your elephant designed tattoos. A lot of men are choosing this location because it will emphasize their broad shoulders, making them to have manlier images specially towards the opposite sexes. You can choose to have bigger size of elephant that will extend towards your back or anywhere you want to. The possibilities are endless for sure.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Legs – Legs can also be best locations for this kind of animal tattoo. Even so, legs can be very visible to the eyes of other people so make sure that you are not surrounded with conservative people who hate to see tattoos if you go for this location. It is not that having these tattoos is bad, you can’t just hide the fact that there are some people who consider tattooing as an evil deed specially when it comes to religion and personal belief matters.
  • Elephant Tattoo on Thighs – If you are really bothered by those conservative people who do not want to see any kinds of tattoos on someone’s body, then why not choose to hide your elephant designed tattoos when they are around? Well, this will surely be a hassle on your part in doing so at all times. As a solution for this, you can choose to get tattooed on your thighs. There is no way they can see your tattoos on your thighs when they are around. Hence, thighs would be great locations for your elephant tattoos.


Elephant tattoos would definitely look good on people who love elephant designed tattoos. Elephant is an adorable animal even though it has a huge size, so there’s no way people won’t like these tattoos. Before having these tattoos however, you should consider first which design to choose and which part of the body you will place it.


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