100 Splendid Eagle Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

The main considerations while choosing a tattoo design are the aesthetic as well as symbolic values of a design. Those who look for powerful and graceful tattoo designs can find all they want in an eagle tattoo. Eagles are birds of prey and are known as powerful and courageous creatures, which can soar to great heights. Besides being a majestic looking bird, the eagle has also been given a place in legends and folklores, which makes it a great element to be included as the center point of an eye catching tattoo design.

Symbolic Meaning of Eagles and Eagle Tattoos

Though most of us know eagle as a bird of prey, there is a great deal of symbolism attached with this fearful creature. It has been symbolically associated with attributes like power, strength, wisdom and spirituality. The ancient Greek culture links this amazing bird with their god called Zeus, who was revered for his virility and masculine strength. He got this reputation because he had trysts with a number of women. The Norse culture links the eagle to God Odin, the god of wisdom, while the Native American cultures revered it as a symbol of strength and courage. People of the Native American tribes bore the tattoo as a talisman offering them courage and inspiring them to face challenges. Additionally, the eagle was seen as a sign of spirituality in this culture; it was regarded as the great messenger of the Gods because it could soar high and reach the mountain tops. The connection of the eagle to the American army is also known to the entire world. It is not uncommon to notice eagle tattoos inked on a large number of American soldiers because the tattoo has a symbolic value for them, being a memorial for fallen soldiers. At the same time, it is an inspiration for the living ones because it denoted strength, liberty and stealth in the battlefield. Since an eagle is known to be able to trace its prey from a long distance, it is also related with focus and clarity of vision. All these symbolic aspects of the eagle give a lot of positivity to the eagle tattoos and make them much loved by tattoo enthusiasts around the globe.


Popular Eagle Tattoo Designs

The variety in eagle tattoo designs is immense and choosing the right one is a matter of preference of the tattoo bearer. The placement where the bearer wants to have a tattoo inked is another concern while choosing the perfect design. The most preferable locations for large eagle tattoo designs are the upper back, lower back, shoulder and forearm, while smaller ones can be inked on the wrists, ankles, back of the neck and ear. Here are some popular design options for eagle tattoos:

  • Eagle in Flight Tattoo – An eagle in flight tattoo focuses on the wings of the eagle and presents them in the most intricate and prominent for, with a great degree of detailing. The eagle can be pictured in flight or spreading out its wings, just ready for the flight. This tattoo design has a magnificent visual appeal. The design has a symbolic appeal too because it signifies freedom and liberty and some also regard it as a protective talisman. This particular tattoo design has spiritual importance too as it is believed to depict the Ascension of Christ after being crucified.
  • Tribal Eagle Tattoos – Eagle is a popular design element in the Native American tattoo art as it exudes sheer power and strength and has a spiritual value in this culture. The tribal eagle tattoo designs make a deep impact with its bold lines and patterns, besides inspiring the bearer for lifetime. A special type of tribal eagle tattoo is the Haida eagle tattoo, which is a creation of one of the oldest Native American tribe. It is featured in red or black color and embodies wisdom, power and strength.
  • Eagle Feather Tattoos – Eagle feathers are closely related to medicine and healing in Native American culture, which gives the eagle feather tattoo as talismanic property. Also, the feather is a symbol of the tribe and only its members can possess it. This makes eagle feather tattoo a sign that a person belongs to a particular tribe.
  • Eagle Eye Tattoo – An eagle has an amazing quality to be able to see its prey from great heights and this is the reason why an eagle eye tattoo is regarded as a symbol of vision and clarity. It also stands for the resilience of the creature, which flies without any inhibition even when it comes across brilliant, blinding sunlight.
  • Eagle Claw Tattoo – Another design option amongst eagle tattoos is the eagle claw tattoo, which is believed to bear the magical qualities of protecting the bearers against all kinds of evils and dangers.
  • Eagle Head Tattoo – Instead of having the entire eagle inked, one can opt for an eagle head tattoo, which represents the bird in its majesty and power. The bird can be done in black color or some other bright colors to add to the aesthetic appeal of the design. An eagle at rest sitting on its eggs, is a design option for those who want to depict their protective instinct for their children and family.
  • Eagle Emblem Tattoo
  • An eagle design is a favorite among Americans as it is the emblem of the American army and represents the patriotism and dedication of a person for his country. The tattoo can be inked in red, blue and white colors to represent the American army. Similarly, an eagle tattoo inked with globe and anchor as additional element is the official symbol of US Marine Corps.

The basic eagle tattoo design can be combined with certain other elements to add a new meaning to the design as well as to make it inspirational. You can get advice regarding the design options from an expert tattoo artist. For this reason, it is important to choose the right person to ink your tattoo so that you get value for your money and time.



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