Compass Tattoos: Gorgeous Body Arts Chosen By Many

Today, it cannot be denied that the compass tattoos are gaining more and more popularity all over the world, just like the other tattoos out there. The compass, AKA nautical compass, compass rose, or nautical star, is no doubt an enormously popular tattoo design. There is no question about it since these tattoos are oozing with gorgeousness that the wearers would love having them for the rest of their lives. Just in case you do not know, a compass has been a very useful stuff in the past and even up to this very day. Through this stuff, sailors, space adventurers, explorers, and travelers have been guided well when it comes to the direction where they are heading. This goes to show that a compass has been a great part of many people’s lives for a number of years now. Thus, it is no longer surprising why many men and women tattoo lovers in the world are opting for a compass tattoo, which will be engraved on their body.

Watercolor Compass Tattoo by Jimmy


The Great Significance And Meanings Of Compass Tattoos

During the past years, a lot of travelers from all over the world did not go for any travel escapades without the presence of their compass. It was one very important stuff that they used to carry every time they embarked for a travel journey. This served to be their weapon in knowing the right path where they should be going. Not only that, the compass was also the one that they used in order to return home safe and sound. That is how useful this particular thing is. Hence, you should not underestimate the power of a compass. Because of this, hundreds of adventure lovers and travelers from all over the world decided to have compass tattoos engraved on their own body. This is the main reason why these people were said to be the origins of these extremely beautiful tattoos.

Apart from the adventure lovers and the travelers in the world, these tattoos are also very significant to a lot of fishermen and soldiers. There is no need for more explanations about it since the nature of the jobs of these people has something to do with the right direction, which a compass can provide. Historically speaking, Spanish sailors were said to be the very first group of people who wore the ever gorgeous compass tattoos. Even so, they were not the ones who made these tattoos extremely popular in the entire world. The people who did such thing were the Celts as well as some other people who came from Europe. They made these tattoos famous several centuries ago.

Common Beautiful Designs for Compass Tattoos

If the other kinds of body tattoos can offer you a number of options when it comes to designs, then you will be very happy to know for sure that the compass tattoos also have a number of designs to offer to those men and women tattoo lovers in the world. All of these designs will definitely stir the interest within you since they are all gorgeous that you might want to have all of them on your body. Here are some of these common beautiful designs that you might to take into account:


  • Compass Tattoo with Direction Design – This particular design of a compass tattoo is the one of the most common choice of many since it is a very simple tattoo design. As its name suggests, this design will involve the four main directions that are represented with letters namely the E (East), W (West), S (South), and N (North). The yard stick is of the compass according to the navigators is the N (North), which is why the main hand of the compass is constantly pointing on this direction when it is not used. Such design is undeniably cool, which is the main reason why it is the most preferred design of a lot of youngsters out there who love to be tattooed.
  • Compass Tattoo with North Star Design – One other design that is believed to have a very huge aesthetic value is the compass tattoo with north star design. The north star is also known as the pole star, which is the star that you can find when you turns to the north direction of the compass. Since in the past years, such star is extremely useful to all the navigators in the world since it is very helpful in guiding them towards the right direction when they are navigating.
  • Compass Tattoo with Globe Design – The compass tattoo with globe design is also another beautiful design that you can take into account when you are thinking of having compass tattoos on your own body. The globe will symbolize the voyage that you will be having, making it perfect for those people who want to travel anywhere part of the world.
  • Compass Tattoo with Anchor Design – The compass tattoo with anchor design is very popular among the sailors and seamen in the entire world. The main explanation for this is very obvious. It is simply because an anchor is a very important part of a ship. Without the anchor, it is impossible for the ship to stop anytime they want to, and it might be carried by the wind towards the wrong direction without the help of the anchor. In case you want to show to the other people how proud you are as a sailor, then having this design to be engraved on your body is a great thing to do.
  • Compass Tattoo with Rose Design – Another very popular compass tattoo design is the rose and compass tattoo design. Who would say a flower is not compatible with an compass. It is definitely compatible, specially if you choose a rose flower. The entire design would represent sacrifice, honor, and love. If you want to show your love to someone or something, then the rose and compass tattoo design would be perfect for you.

Beautiful Images Compass Tattoos

White Ink Compass Tattoo
Wanderlust Compass Tattoo on Arm
Wanderers Never Get Lost Compass Tattoo Ideas
Violet, Green and Blue Compass Tattoo on Arm
Travel with Compass Tattoo on Lower Neck
Tiny Compass Tattoo on Wrist
Sun and Roses Compass Tattoo
Sun and Moon Inside Compass Tattoo
Feather Compass Tattoo
Solid Black with Double Arrow Compass Tattoo
Small Simple Compass Tattoo
Small Compass Tattoo with Wanderlust Writing
Small Compass Tattoo on Hand
Small Compass Tattoo on Ankle for Men
Small Compass Tattoo on Ankle
Small Compass Tattoo Below the Breast
Simple Minimalist Compass Tattoo
Simple Leg Compass Tattoo for Men and Women
Simple Compass Tattoo with Stars

Common Placements for Compass Tattoos

Yes, it is all up to you where to place your tattoos on your body. Even so, this is not the case at all times. Sometimes, it is best to think about the tattoo placement well before starting the tattooing process. Just like the compass tattoo, it is very important that you know the best placements for such tattoo. In this regard, here are some of the common placements for the compass tattoos:

  • Compass Tattoos on Arms – Your arms are said to be the perfect locations for your compass tattoo. Great numbers of sailors and travelers in the world are placing their compass tattoo on their arms. It is simply because they want the tattoo to be very obvious to some other people around them. You can decide if you will place it on the right arm, left arm, elbow, wrist, or in any other parts of the arms.
  • Compass Tattoos on Chest – A lot of compass tattoo lovers also consider placing the tattoo on their chest. It is because they want to show how much they love this tattoo, that they place it near to their hearts. However, this location will not be that obvious just like the arms. The tattoo will only be visible when you are topless.
  • Compass Tattoos on Hips – Another good location that you can consider for a compass tattoo is the hips. This is the common tattoo placement choice of many women tattoo lovers in the world. What do you think is the main reason for this? Well, it is definitely because such placement can emphasize the beauty of their own hips, making it to be one of their body assets.
  • Compass Tattoos on Back – In case you do not want your compass tattoo to be very obvious, then you can consider it being placed on your back. When you want it to be seen by the other people around you, you can just cover it with your shirt.
  • Compass Tattoos on Wrist–The number one body part that you can place your compass tattoo is your wrist. You can have it in both of your left and right wrists. But if you only want one compass tattoo, you can decide whether you want it on your left wrist or right wrist. There is no way it will not look great on that placement.
  • Compass Tattoos on FeetYes, it would also look great right there on your left or right foot. In fact a lot of ordinary people and celebrities are having a compass tattoo on this particular body placement.
  • Compass Tattoos on Legs – Legs are also perfect locations for a compass tattoo. Legs are normally longer, so the particular illusion that you want to show with your tattoo can surely be achieved. However, you must see to it that the people around you do not mind seeing tattoos since legs can be obvious locations for a tattoo.
  • Compass Tattoos on Stomach – Another perfect placement for this tattoo is stomach. This is a common option of many women tattoo lovers in the world who consider having compass tattoos. With the design that you choose, the mechanical versions of your body parts that can be located inside your stomach can surely be shown on the tattoo.
  • Compass Tattoo on ThighIf you want to have your compass tattoos not that obvious to some other people, you can choose to place them on your thighs. Of course, it is now up to you if you want to put tattoos in both of your thighs or just on the left or right part.


Compass tattoos are definitely one of the most popular body tattoos these days. Even those people who are not sailors, travelers, and adventure lovers are opting for these tattoos because of the higher level of beauty that these tattoos can provide to the wearers.


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