166 Cool Arm Tattoos for Men And Women [2017 Collection]

Arm tattoos are undeniably gaining more and more popularity in the entire world these days. It can be confirmed by the great numbers of people who eagerly want to try having them on their body. Well, you cannot blame them since these tattoos will certainly add beauty and personality to them. Aside from telling the whole world who you really are inside, arm tattoos can also make you look gorgeous in the eyes of many. These tattoos are said to be the most common tattoos that are being incorporated by a lot of people not only today, but several years in the past as well.

Different Placements for Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos can actually be inked on different locations on a person’s arms. It is now up to him or her what to choose, after having several professional and personal considerations. Here are the different placements that you need to know:


  • Full Arm – A full arm tattoo covers the area from portion that connects the arm and the shoulder up to the wrist part, or even extended towards the fingers. It is now depend on the person who wants to get a full arm tattoo.
  • Inner or Lower Arm Placement – This particular placement of the arm tattoo is right there on the wrist up to the elbow or even up to the part that connects the arm and the shoulder of a person. This is known to be the most painful one amongst the other placements since it is directly connected to veins and bones, so it is normal for you to feel intense pain.
  • Upper or Outer Arm Placement – The tattoo is positioned right there at the opposite direction of your wrist and upwards. The tattoo can be just extended towards the elbow or up to the higher part.

How to Choose the Best Placement for Your Arm Tattoos

Just in case you do not know, it is very important to choose the right placement for your arm tattoos. Keep in mind that you also have your professional life apart from your personal one. This goes to show that you have to be very careful on where you would want to place your gorgeous arm tattoos. Here are the things that you need to take into account:

  • Current Job – We have to work in order to make a living. Just in case your work or employer restricts you from getting a tattoo but you still want to have an arm tattoo, then make sure to choose the location, in which you will not have any difficulty in hiding the tattoos. After all, your job is way more important than your tattoos, unless you don’t need to work anymore because of your great wealth.
  • The Amount of Pain – The pain that you might feel when getting tattooed on any portion of your arms may vary from one portion to another. If you think you cannot handle an intense pain, then be sure not to choose the forearm or wrist arm tattoo placement.
  • Color – There are tattoos that look gorgeous with black ink color, and there are also those that need more color variations in order to capture the tattoo design’s full aesthetics.
  • Skin Color – Of course, you need to take into account the natural color of your skin. For black and Hispanic people, choosing darker shades would be great. It is simply because the tattoo ink will go down the deeper layers of the skin, and not just on the top layer. Because of this, lighter in colors may not make your arm tattoos very visible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Arm Tattoos for Men and Women

Needless to say, there are always advantages and disadvantages associated in arm tattoos for men and women. Before giving these tattoos a shot, it is very important to know these things first, so that you will know what you are about to have. The very first advantage is that you can become sexier in appearance, increasing your sex appeal towards the opposite sexes. This is something that you want to have for sure. Another thing is that you will be considered as brave individual, to get inked on your arms. Remember, it’s not easy to have these tattoos so you must be brave enough to have them on your body. Even so, people may think that you are a devil’s advocate. It is simply because there are groups of people in the world who consider tattooing as one of the devil’s acts.

Celebrities Who Proudly Display Arm Tattoos

There are a number of celebrities worldwide who go for gorgeous arm tattoos. Here are the some of the names of these famous celebrities:


  • Gisele Bundchen – This very famous, highest-paid supermodel is not only capturing the attention of many because of her gorgeous face and body, but also through her cute star tattoo located on heir inner wrist.
  • Jessica Alba – This stunning Hollywood actress has several body tattoos, and one of these is her gorgeous Sanskrit tattoo that has a lotus flower design located on her inner wrist on the right arm.
  • Scarlett Johansson – This famous Hollywood celebrity has a very colorful and stylish sunset tattoo on her inner left arm.

Popular Images Arm Tattoo Designs

red-maori-tribal tattoo
islader-maori-tribal tattoo-sick

Wonderful Design Ideas for Arm Tattoos for Men and Women

Arm tattoos for men and women are available in various designs that you will surely love to have. It is all thanks to those tattoo artists who keep on inventing fresh tattoo designs that will capture the interest of every single tattoo enthusiast. Here are some of the wonderful design ideas for arm tattoos:

  • Chinese/Japanese Design Ideas – Historically speaking, arm tattoos were firstly seen on the ancient Chinese and Japanese people, specially those tattoos inked on the sleeve part of a human body. Some of the designs incorporated in these ideas are dragon, tiger, lotus flower, cherry blossoms, and the koi fish tattoo design.
  • Symbolic and Text Design Ideas – The perfect locations of these arm tattoo design ideas are in the forearm and in the person’s wrist. These ideas are common to those people who want to incorporate their devotedness to their own religion. This is why Om symbols and Celtic crosses are perfect examples for these.
  • American Arm Tattoo Design Ideas – These ideas can be attributed to the Americana art. It was during the World War II when these tattoo design ideas became popular. Some of the important design elements here are family crests, nautical stars, and a swallow.
  • Tribal Arm Tattoo Design Ideas – The tribal design ideas are known to be common since a lot of people are having tribal arm tattoos today. However, it does not mean that these designs will no longer be gorgeous in the eyes of many. In fact, these are the choices of many tattoo enthusiasts because of their amazing beauty to offer. These involve bold form and bold lines. Samoan, Mandala, and Maori are just three of the tribal designs preferred by many people, especially men.

Without a doubt, arm tattoos for men and women can be your great adornments on your body. What you just need to do is choose the best design that will surely look good on your arms.


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