200 Charming Arabic Tattoos Designs

Tattoo art is an amazing art form which has transcended boundaries of cultures and countries and speaks a universal design language. The popularity of tattoo designs is not confined to the countries of their origin but some designs have been able to find followers all around the globe. Arabic tattoos make one such instance because the language has an amazing flow, which gives it appealing beauty and charm, when inked on the body in the form of tattoos. Arabic tattoos have become a favorite among both, men as well as women and even celebrities are not untouched by the unique attraction of these tattoo designs. Some global celebrities who have been spotted with Arabic tattoo designs are Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna. Besides being endorsed by well known faces, the mystical beauty and spirituality of these tattoos is what has made them famous.

Placement of Arabic Tattoos

Some people believe that tattoos are not in agreement of the Islam religion, but even them even people who believe in this religion choose to have tattoos inked on their bodies. Basically, the size and design of the Arabic tattoos determine the best place to have them inked.


  • Arabic Tattoos on Wrist – For women, the wrist seems to be one of the most popular placements for Arabic tattoos as they can have small and elegant patterns inked on this area, while men can go for darker, bolder and bigger designs at the same placement.
  • Arabic Tattoos on Rib – Another place where Arabic tattoos can look really outstanding is the rib area, and it is favored by both men as well as women. Vertical designs are preferred because they actually make you look slimmer, while the best benefit of this placement is that it gives ample space to create something really prominent. You can even go for a double lined pattern if you want to grab some extra attention for your design.
  • Arabic Tattoos on Shoulder – One of the best placements for Arabic tattoo, or any tattoo for that matter, is the shoulder because just any tattoo can stand out at this location of the body. The shoulder Arabic tattoo can be only a single cursive line or some rows of Arabic text depending upon what you are looking to express though it. The lower back area can be made to look more sensuous and elegant with an Arabic tattoo.
  • Arabic Tattoos on other body parts – Additionally, the waist, ankle, thigh and chest can make good placement options for these designs.

Popular Arabic Tattoo Designs

There is certain elegance about Arabic language, which gives an unmatched quality to the tattoos inked with Arabic as a theme. As a consequence, tattoo artists around the globe have been working on various design options to create some innovative Arabic tattoo designs. One of the most popular variants in Arabic tattoo designs is the Arabic script tattoos, which usually comprise of the name of the bearer. The tattoo may also include the name of a loved one such as that of the partner, son, daughter or a parent. It may also be some kind of meaningful text or simple Arabic alphabets. It can be a religious or spiritual quote which makes an expression of the belief or attitude of the tattoo bearer. Men and women can pick texts which match their personalities and are masculine or feminine as per the sex of the tattoo bearer. while men can choose such designs and script which exude power, women must look for grace and elegance as the basic pre-requisites of Arabic tattoo. The reason behind the use of Arabic script in tattoo designs is that the language has beautiful curves and turns, which impart it an amazing flow and continuity.


As a result, these designs look really beautiful and eye catching. Also, the script tattoos have a special meaning depending upon what is inked on the body of the bearer. Another cool option in Arabic tattoo art is temporary tattoos as in henna tattoos, which are mostly in vogue in India but are gradually gaining impetus in the west too. The best thing about henna Arabic tattoos is that they are absolutely pain free, in addition to being an inexpensive and short period process. Moreover, bearers can experiment with new designs as the tattoo gets washed off and they opt for a new one.

In addition to the basic Arabic design, the tattoo bearer may have certain other design elements incorporated in the design to add to its symbolic meaning as well as give it a visual appeal. Right usage of color in Arabic tattoos is equally important because it can enhance the beauty of the tattoo manifold. Overall, the expert hand of an experienced tattoo designer can make a real difference in inking such tattoos. This is why you should look for a good one while getting an Arabic tattoo inked on your body.


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