148 Gorgeous Ankle Tattoos, Pain Factor, Pros And Cons

Ankle tattoos are becoming the choice of many individuals worldwide who want to embrace the world of tattooing. It is simply because these tattoos are certainly gorgeous adornments, especially if you want tattoos that are less noticeable in nature due to their smaller sizes and placement in the body. There are several ankle tattoo designs that are unisex in nature. Even so, they are actually the best to look at to women who sport them. It is because ankle tattoos are made from soft lines, perfect for all those female tattoo lovers. The truth is, men can still wear these tattoos in their body, but the details of the tattoo designs should be bold enough in order to emphasize masculinity.

Ankle Tattoos’ Significance

A lot of people are in the world are criticizing those individuals who are sporting some tattoos on their body, no matter if they are men or women. This common scenario is pretty normal in those countries that are following intense conservativeness, especially to those Catholic-dominated nations. Even so, little did they know that anklet tattoos and some other tattoos in the body are more than just accessories. People are into them because of some deeper reasons, and not just for satisfying their own fashion sense. These tattoos can be the reflection of their varied personalities and characteristics. The fact that they allowed themselves to get tattooed, it already showed that they are brave enough to accept whatever the reactions of the society. It can also be a religion matter if a person is having this kind of tattoo. Maybe, she/he is just trying to show the world that he or she is proud of his or her religion. It will now depend on what kind of design being tattooed on the body.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ankle Tattoos

Of course, having ankle tattoos are both advantageous and disadvantageous. This is actually a normal thing since people will never go for a certain thing if they will only get nothing but worse things. Here are some of the advantageous you can enjoy from having an ankle tattoo:

  • Great Amount of Sex Appeal – For sure, you have noticed that sex appeal is abundantly packed to those people who are wearing tattoos on their body like an ankle tattoo. This can’t be explained literally, but science surely has explanation for this thing.
  • Intensified Gorgeousness – Men and women will also appear more beautiful and handsome in the eyes of many people because of having tattoos.
  • Intensified Fashion Statement – It can also make your fashion statement even better.
  • Explains Your Personality – People will know your personality without having the effort to talk to you. By just looking at your ankle tattoos is certainly enough.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages that you should expect. Here are some of them:

  • Some people may criticize you inconsiderately.
  • You need to exert extra effort in covering them. This is true especially when you need to attend a very conservative religion-related event.
  • You may look rebellious to others.

Celebrities and their Meaningful Gorgeous Anklet Tattoos

Celebrities are considered to be the first promoters of tattoos in this particular generation. There is no question about that since they are very influential, and many people are more than willing to follow them. Just like any other ordinary tattoo lover, celebrities also allowed themselves to get tattooed due to several deeper reasons aside from coping with the latest trend. Here are some names of celebrities who are proudly sporting ankle tattoos:

  • Drew Barrymore – This 41-year-old gorgeous Hollywood celebrity appreciates the beauty and meaningfulness of an ankle tattoo. This is why she has a cross designed ankle tattoo on her right ankle. The cross is then wrapped with kinda like a flowery vine.
  • Charlize Theron – This American South African Hollywood beauty has a small-sized blue flower tattoo position on top of her right foot. And at the back portion of her right ankle, a Koi fish-designed tattoo is engraved. Maybe, it is just her lucky charm since Koi is believed to be a fortune fish.
  • Shannen Doherty – This gorgeous “Beverly Hills” star has a cross-designed tattoo on her right ankle, and this tattoo signifies glorification on her extremely successful career in Hollywood.
  • Sara Rue – This famous American television star has engraved a small size butterfly tattoo on her right ankle. It then clearly shows how adventurous and free-spirited type of a person she is.
  • Virginia Madsen – This “Class” movie star is obviously fond of getting tattooed. She has an unknown tattoo on her shoulder, a small size rose tattoo on top of her right foot, and a cross-designed tattoo on her left ankle. This cross tattoo she has speaks for her strong faith in Christianity.

How painful is a tattoo on your ankle?

@Kimmi (From YahooAnswers) I’m pretty thin as well and I got an anchor (3 x 4 in) right above my ankle. Yes it hurt! Like sharp scratching over and over a burn or something, during the shading too. My foot would get kinda tense and would flinch but my my friend and the tattooist started talking and distracting me so that helped me relax alot! The rest wasn’t as bad. Relax, you won’t be the first nor the last to go through it! You’ll be satisfied in the end 🙂

@Samantha:  (From YahooAnswers) Well if your a huge wimp ( like me) it will be the worse pain of your life. The ankle/foot is the most painful place b/c its all bone. I got mine on my lower back and I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. I cried so bad.


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Popular Designs for Ankle Tattoos

Needless to say, there are wide options that you can enjoy when it comes to anklet tattoo designs. It is now up to you what to choose. However, make sure that you consider the question, what is your purpose of choosing such anklet tattoo design. Here are some of the designs that are worth-considering:

  • Cupcake Ankle Tattoo – This is one popular design of an ankle tattoo that is chosen by a lot of women out there. Since cupcake is a sweet treat, this tattoo will simply show the sweet side of you.
  • Butterfly Ankle Tattoo – This kind of ankle tattoo design simply showcases your personality, which is like a colorful butterfly. It simply signifies the great adventurousness that you are possessing as a human being. You love to go everywhere in order to see how beautiful the world is.
  • Rose and Jasmine Ankle Tattoo – This design will show your two personalities. Jasmine flower will signify on how gentle and feminine you are in nature. On the other hand, rose will bring the banner of your gorgeousness, fierceness, and mysteriousness.
  • Leftie and Rightie Ankle Tattoo – This design is a very interesting one. You can choose any designs, but make sure that your left and right ankles are tattooed in order to live up with the essence of this design. One popular design is a wing; left wing and the right wing. This will show how free-spirited you are, and how you appreciate the essence of freedom.

Without a doubt, ankle tattoos can be great accessories engraved on your body. However, you should be prepared enough to accept the varied reactions of the society before going for tattoos.


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